How Onome Maureen Started Her Internet Business With A Laptop, Strong Desire For Knowledge And Commone Sens

Starting With A Laptop, Strong Desire For Knowledge And Common Sense, Onome Maureen Joined The Nigerian Internet Experts’ Millionaire’s Club Beginning As A Youth Corper.
Onome Maureen Is The Nigerian, Young, Rich Corper and CEO of and who started her own Internet Business at age 23 When Her Colleagues Dotted The Street Looking For Unavailable Jobs. In This Piece, she reveals How She Started Her Business In 2007 As A Youth Corper And Shows How Anyone Can Make It In Nigeria Doing Genuine Internet Business.

How have you been enjoying your internet business?


I have been making progress and enjoying it.

Some experts have had a tough battle with hard times in the beginning. Do you share the same story with them?


Ok. I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University and even as a student I never wanted to work for someone else so, while serving I looked for opportunities to earn, to learn a skill that would enable me earn some money that was how I stumbled on my first online- based business. The whole story is at RICHCORPER.COM

Now that brings us to that name. It is unique. Why did you adopt rich corper as a name?


Everybody else wanted me to get a job. Well, while I was serving, the only thing I heard amongst corpers was how to get a very good paying job. I was always swarmed by corpers who were transferring the latest Tuesday guardian between each other and always hearing tales of woes of not getting a job after service to survive after service etc. I too was many times thinking of my future after service and I wasn’t so sure of it. So when I discovered my first online business, my first project was to reach out to corpers who were in the shoes I occupied and which many still occupy till today.That’s where the name came from to show NYSC corps members that they could earn a living as a corper or as one who just passed out.

That’s Interesting. So you are saying that corpers should start their businesses while still serving?


Yes. They should and they can.

But most corpers will tell you that they don’t have the start up capital.


Yes..but thats the advantage of having a home-based online-based business. You need little capital to start ,it could be from 15k-60k. I don’t think there is any corper who cannot raise at least 15k to start. He can either save for it or ask friends and family for it or even get a loan.

But Maureen, Internet business of all business? They perceive it as fraud!


Well they are misinformed. I earn over 0.4 million from it regularly. I dare say they are grossly misinformed. That is why they need mentors like us to help them change the way they think and help them achieve financial results from online based-business.

You see, there is nothing like the term online business, there are only online-based businesses, the Internet is not a business, it is just a tool. It is a form of media used to drastically grow and turn huge profits from a business. See why I say they are grossly misinformed?

It’s interesting hearing this from a female gender. So women should embrace Internet busineess just like you have done?


Yes they should.

Why Should They?Any special benefit? This question is necessary to help our female folks out there because you are on the field.


Well, for one, what men can do a woman can do it too.

1.They would not have to rely solely on a man for their finances.

2. They can work form home, if they want. I’m having this interview from home and I have done business from home since the past 8 months.

3. If they have kids, they could be there for them instead of always being out at a job working from 5am-10pm.

4. They can dictate the time and hours they want to work because it gives them flexibility. These are my top reasons.

Thanks Maureen. You are very daring and bold at driving the message across. Now how do you see Internet business in Nigeria in the next 5 years?


Wow. In Nigeria? I see more and more Nigerians of all ages, young, old, male,female using the advantage of the Internet to make mega profits than they ever thought possible; the youth no longer depending on paid, white collar jobs but seeking out and actually succeeding in their online-based businesses.

What Is Success To You?


I see success as looking out to a human need and reaching out to meet that need. You can meet that need with the investment of your personality, your products, services etc. anybody that does this is a success.

Can you tell our readers 3 simple things they can do in order to run legitimate Internet business in Nigeria?


1. Be determined that you can make it online.

2. Get a mentor to show you the ropes because trial by error is the slowest way to success.

To shorten your learning curve, get someone who is successful and get the person to mentor you. even if you have to pay heavy for it. Its worth it.

3. After learning, keep on learning else you’d be left behind. As I speak, i have ordered 7 books from to start me super-strong financially.

Its been amazing having you on board for this interview.


Thank you Benard. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

We are grateful to you for finding time for this. Wishing you the best and have a wonderful day.


You to


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